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A newspaper of literary and artistic frolics


Rops founded this newspaper in 1856. Where did the name "Uylenspiegel"come from? The latter is a legendary character, a compatriot of Rops, he is very popular and belongs in literature to satiric legend. Uylenspiegel was a national hero, a spy and an adventurer rolled into one but he also loved liberty and justice. His personality is in keeping with the objectives of the newspaper.

Politics, the customs of the time, morale, fine art, literature are all closely examined.

Rops is the caricaturist of the magazine: politicians, artists, contemporaries, ... are sketched with bite and precision. The influences of his teachers, Daumier and Gavarni, are to be felt in the nervousness of the touch combined with a desire to fuse with the character of the subject.

In "La Galerie d'Uylenspiegel" (the Uylenspiegel Hall of Fame), all the big soft heads of artists, photographers, musicians and entertainers are on display.

The magazine closed in 1863.

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