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Guided Tours

The Félicien Rops Museum offers guided tours of the museum on request. Arranged to your convenience, the tour lasts between 45 minutes and one hour 30 minutes or even longer if you wish to learn about the many aspects of Rops.
Price : 31 €

Temporary Exhibitions

The museum organises 3 or 4 temporary exhibitions annually, which allow on the one hand a deeper knowledge of the lesser known aspects of the artist and his era and on the other hand a better appreciation of the art of etching, the technique most favoured by Rops.


A place of dialogue and communication, the museum offers courses for children and adults - half day, day long or even week long courses are on offer, with the aim of introducing participants to his art, his language and his techniques.


Monographs, the artist's own writings, exhibition catalogues, posters, prints, postcards, slides and videos are all on sale at the museum.

Documentation Centre

There is a documentation centre with information on Rops and the 19th century which may be visited by appointment.

Audio visual display and audio guide

Two audio visual displays called "Les muses sataniques" and "Ce tant folâtre Monsieur Rops" by the film-maker Thierry Zéno provides a deeper understanding of the artist’s character and an insight into the places which he frequented and which inspired him. It is shown on request.
A cycle on art films is organised approximately each term. You can discover some documentaries or short films about an artist or a theme. An audio guide is available in 3 languages (French, English, Dutch). Price: 2 €

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