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The Sailors'Den
"Le Bouge à Matelots"
"The Sailors' Den"

To be contemporary, modern, to live your era to its full, to penetrate into the feelings, the ideas of the time and to give them expression and shape, this was the essential approach of Rops.
He was to find this modernity in Paris; Paris and her cabarets, her "lowest depths", her night life and her ambiguous pleasures ...

This work takes us into the Parisian brothels with the new theme of "the whore with the heart", close in spirit to that of Toulouse-Lautrec as well as the descriptions written by Zola, the de Goncourts or Maupassant.

Text: B. Bonnier, N. Malinconi, V. Carpiaux - Information
Translation: Caroline McLoughlin
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